Introduction to Java eXPerience FrameWork (jxpfw) for J2EE6

Jxpfw was added to sourceforge in 2002 but some of its code was created even before this date. In 2002 pages were created using JSP technology and this is exactly where jxpfw is used for right now. It is maintained for supporting legacy software that uses JSP technology. The successor to jxpfw is Josef.

Jxpfw for J2EE6 uses jdk 1.7, although it is compiled using jdk 1.8.
There are two important artifacts created from the jxpfw module. The first is the jxpfw.jar file containing all code. The second is the jxpfw-tld.jar file containing the tag library descriptor.

To get started, simply select an item from the menu at the left of this page.

Background information

Jxpfw started out as a JBuilder 3 project which was later converted to MyEclipse. After MyEclipse a conversion to Eclipse was performed. Ant scripts were used to perform the build from the command line. Currently Maven is used to perform the build. As you probably might expect, the project suffers a bit from all these conversions and is not a 100% Maven project. Most notably, jxpfw has a sources directory which in Maven should have been src/main/java. All the test sources however are properly placed into src/test/java and so is this Site information. Furthermore, several zip and jars files are created from this project, like a JSP tag library for example. The Maven way would have been to split the jxpfw module in several modules. Finally it is worth to mention that other jxpfw modules exist, but that they are not converted to Maven yet thus still require ant. This should not be a problem as these modules are not required for jxpfw and jxpfw-demo-web.