Getting jxpfw

Jpxfw is stored at sourceforge, in an svn repository. To get a copy, you have several options, each explained below. If you are a windows user, you may want to get the Tortoise SVN for windows client software.

After you got a copy of jxpfw you should be able to build jxpfw.

Get a jar

A pre build jar file can be downloaded from here.

Anonymously check out jxpfw

Assuming you have svn client installed, you can anonymously checkout a copy using the command: svn checkout jxpfw. This command checks out jxpfw's trunk and creates a new jxpfw directory in your current directory, before checking out the source files.
Note: This option won't allow you to commit changes.

Get as a developer

To check put jxpfw as a developer, allowing you to commit changes, use this url: To get the jxpfw module only, simply use: